Capall Riding Club 30th Annual Show Thursday 13th July 2017

Capall Riding Club 30th Annual Show Thursday 13th July 2017

What a fabulous day Thursday 13th July 2017 turned out to be for Capall Riding Club to celebrate its 30th Annual Summer Show.

It was also the 9th year that Capall has held the show in the beautiful surroundings of Ballyalton House, Ballyrainey Road, Newtownards, by kind permission of the Cave family. We would like to thank Leonard, Marian and Michael for the use of their magnificent facilities and all the help and support they gave on the run up to the show and on show day.

Weather wise it was a lovely day right up until the last competitors were leaving the show field and then the rain came! Capall members, family and friends got a bit of a soaking at the clearing up stage but spirits were not drowned as the day had gone so well with horses, competitors, judges, stewards and spectators all remaining dry!

There were 4 rings on the go throughout the day with Ring 1 housing the Horse & Pony Show Jumping, Ring 2 the Pony Showing, Ring 3 the Horse Showing and Ring 4 the Pony Working Hunter in the morning and Horse Working Hunter in the afternoon.

With 34 classes on the schedule there was plenty of choice for competitors.

The Horse & Pony Show Jumping took place in the fabulous all-weather arena with classes ranging from 60cm – 1m. The competitions were judged by Paula Dougherty and Stanley Law with the inviting and flowing course designed and built by Leonard Cave.

The 60cm, 70cm, 80cm and 90cm classes were run American style with the double clears returning for their rosette and a chance to win a bag of Pegus Horse Feed.

The 1m class was run differently with the clears returning to do a speed round resulting in the top places being decided by the stop watch. The speed rounds were exciting and thrilling to watch with the spectators participating in the excitement with some vocal encouragement from the sidelines!

It was Nicole Barr riding Florida Daydream who produced that all-important clear round and, accompanied by a fast time, (almost 5 seconds ahead of the rest of the field), resulted in this partnership becoming the outright winners to take home the red rosette and the Harry’s Tyres Perpetual Cup.

Well done to Leanne McNamara with OB Touch as they produced the only other clear round in the jump off to come away with a very credible 2nd position.

Time also decided 3rd and 4th places as both competitors had 4 faults but it was Rachel McCaughey on Pollyanna who jumped into 3rd place a fraction ahead of Johnny Steele and Ajax in 4th.

Fiona Young was the judge for the Pony Showing classes. All competitors and their ponies were very smartly turned out, as were those family members and friends who had the honour of leading ponies in the Lead Rein classes.  This didn’t give Fiona an easy time and she had many a difficult decision to make as she watched competitors’ every move before deciding on her final line up for each class.

Onto the Horse Showing classes which were judged by Malachy Casement. Malachy’s winner of the Cob Class this year and, as such, holder of the Julie Reid Memorial Cup was Alanna Mooney with Highly Sprung.

The Hunter classes followed the Cobs and it was all to play for as competitors performed for the judge with the Hunter Championship being the ultimate goal. It was the winners of the Lightweight class, Jessica Whitney on Edenagor Paddy, who were awarded the Hunter Championship with the Reserve Champion going to the Middle/Heavyweight class winner, Ard Na Rebel Boy ridden by Robin Herron.

With the Ridden, Coloured, Veteran and Mountain & Moorland classes also in the Showing ring, the judge was kept busy with the action being enjoyed by the many spectators and supporters as well as competitors.

Whilst the other rings were in full swing, there was also plenty of action going on in the Working Hunter field with the Pony Working Hunter taking place in the morning and the Horse Working Hunter following in the afternoon.

The course looked colourful and welcoming with each fence spruced up with lots of greenery, hay bales and even the odd duck and rooster! It’s always nice to jump the bank and this year, to introduce something different, the bank was transformed into a “mini Hickstead” type jump which was incorporated into many of the bigger classes. This added feature was an extra challenge enjoyed by competitors and spectators alike.

The Pony Working Hunter competitions started off with a Performance class and with 3 further classes to take place judge, Violet Jackson, had some tough decisions to make.

Coming out on top to be the 2017 Pony Working Hunter Champions were Cerys Howell and Mr Murphy after being the worthy winners of the 153cm class to qualify for the Championship.

Lara Kelly was on a roll as she won the 133cm class with Milford Spectacular and also the 143cm class riding Mystery Boy but it was Mystery Boy that caught the judge’s eye to be chosen from the line up as Reserve Champion.

Under the watchful eye of judge, David Lyons, the Horse Working Hunter classes followed on with good entries in all classes.

A Performance class started off the Horse Working Hunter session and, once again, the classes were hotly contested with some more tough decisions to be made.

First and second placed partnerships in the Novice, Small & Open Working Hunter were contenders for the Pegus Horse Feeds Horse Working Hunter Championship.

Earning the top spots in each class were Gwen Scott, who rode Ardquin to success in the Novice class, Zara Gabbey with Roosky Star who took the red in the Small Working Hunter and Emily McGowan partnering EMS Richaels Pet heading the Open class.

The judge’s choice, and delighted recipient of the Pegus Horse Feeds Horse Working Hunter Championship, was Emily McGowan with EMS Richaels Pet with Reserve Champion being awarded to Zara Gabbey and Roosky Star.

The Working Hunter ring was the last ring to complete what was a tremendous day of competition, fun and meeting up with friends. The Show Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all the judges, scribes, entry takers, members and non-members whose input was invaluable into making this day a success.

Sponsorship received from the Club’s dedicated sponsors is also very much appreciated, as it goes a long way into making the running of the Show possible, and Capall Riding Club would like to thank them most sincerely for their continued support: -      



Horse Showjumping   Judges Paula Dougherty & Stanley Law

60cm 1st = Rose De Montmorency Milo; Gail McKie Greba Bugs Bunny; Paula McIlwrath Foxi

70cm  1st = Paula McIlwrath Foxi; Katie Murdock Heather’s Boy   80cm  1st = Hannah Patterson Lady Bug; Felicity Johnston Black Arrow; Pauline Titterington Storm; Johnny Steele Matilda; Johnny Steele Bella; Emily McGowan Suillen Dunally

90cm 1st = Emily Corbett Dreams; Chloe Burgess Maggie; Diane McCully Mineview Major Tom; Cerys Howell Mr Murphy

1m 1st Nicole Barr Florida Daydream; 2nd Leanne McNamara OB Touch; 3rd Rachel McCaughey Pollyanna; 4th Johnny Steele Ajax

Harry’s Tyres Perpetual Cup   Nicole Barr Florida Daydream

Pony Showing   Judge Fiona Young           

Lead Rein – rider under 8 years

1st Noah Hustol Rhydygrug Peter Pan; 2nd Grace Murdock Escley Trajan; 3rd Zara Reid Toffee; 4th Adam Gowdy Nifty; 5th Keirslyn Kelly Polly; 6th Katie Kirkpatrick Elf

Lead Rein – rider under 10 years

1st Poppy Smith Kenilwood April; 2nd Logan Gowdy Nifty; 3rd Holly Owens-Storey Lucy

Lead Rein – Family Pony

1st Yvie Lewis Ronnie; 2nd Zara Reid Toffee; 3rd Grace Murdock Escley Trajan; 4th Keirslyn Kelly Polly; 5th Ethan Murphy Pa Pa     

First Ridden  

1st Charlotte Glenn Kilshane Galaxy; 2nd Helena Page-Blair Miss Daisy; 3rd Poppy Smith Barns Isabel; 4th Mia McCallum Charlie     

Pony Showing 143cms    

1st Lucy Byrne Singing Sandy

Pony Showing 153cms    

1st Lucy Byrne Holiday Out of the Blue

Mountain & Moorland Pony Small

1st Poppy Smith Barns Isabel; 2nd Charlotte Glenn Kilshane Galaxy  

Mountain & Moorland Pony Large

1st Phoebe Beaumont Edie; 2nd Lucy Byrne Holiday Out of the Blue; 3rd Sophie Donnell Lusmagh Echo; 4th Jessica Dineley Cloonaveel Sweet Little Monkey; 5th Katie Murdock Heather’s Boy  

Family Pony

1st Matthew Wilcock Diamond; 2nd Ellis Pollock Sunshine; 3rd Faith Adair Rosie

Coloured Pony

1st Lara Kelly Milford Spectacular; 2nd Caitlyn Leebody Ronelle Bobby Jack; 3rd Matthew Wilcock Diamond; 4th Emma Spurling Twilight; 5th Niamh Martin Mix ‘n’ Match

Veteran Pony

1st Lucy Byrne Holiday Out of the Blue; 2nd Matthew Wilcock Diamond; 3rd Faith Adair Rosie; 4th Ellis Pollock Sunshine  

Horse Showing Judge Malachy Casement           

Cob Sponsored by The Reid Family

1st Alanna Mooney Highly Sprung; 2nd Caitlyn Leebody Ronelle Bobby Jack; 3rd Hilary Jones Wee Rosco; 4th Jamie-Leigh Reid Logan’s Leap

Julie Reid Memorial Cup Alanna Mooney Highly Sprung

Maxi Cob 1st Janice Reddy Nesbitt (Off the Island)

Small Hunter

1st Kerry Finlay Stranbally Ronaldo; 2nd Robin Herron Done & Dusted; 3rd Rachel McNair It’s A Rebel; 4th Sarah Osborough Pleasant Surprise; 5th Emily McGowan Suillen Dunally; 6th Leonie O’Gorman Carrenrush Liberty Belle; 7th Emma Wrightman Jigsaw

Carrowdore Saddlery Perpetual Shield Kerry Finlay Stranbally Ronaldo

Lightweight Hunter 

1st Jessica Whitney Edenagor Paddy; 2nd Lesley-Ann Duke Brookfield’s Showdown; 3rd Susanne Glenn Ballylimp Bob; 4th Alanna Clegg Atta Bosco; 5th Debbie Osborough Cairnside Mr Pickles; 6th Heather McMillan Cullion

Fitzherbert Carrowdore Saddlery Perpetual Shield Jessica Whitney Edenagor Paddy

Middle/Heavyweight Hunter

1st Robin Herron Ard Na Rebel Boy; 2nd Caroline McMillan Rockrimmon Diamond Surprise; 3rd Sarah Reid Good to Go; 4th Gillian Steenson Flash Dance; 5th Rachel McNair It’s A Gem; 6th Megan Hamill Goulton Sunny Street

Carrowdore Saddlery Perpetual Shield  Robin Herron Ard Na Rebel Boy

Hunter Champion  Jessica Whitney Edenagor Paddy & Robert Ferguson Perpetual Shield    

Reserve Champion Robin Herron Ard Na Rebel Boy

Riding Horse Class (not placed 1st or 2nd at any show)

1st Margery Warnock Butterfly Charm; 2nd Jess Whitney Danciers Design; 3rd Karen Mulholland Mr Fox

Riding Horse Class (un-restricted)

1st Victoria Laverty Millennium Indi; 2nd Lesley-Ann Duke Brookfield’s Showdown; 3rd Leonie O’Gorman Carrenrush Liberty Belle

Coloured Horse Ridden

1st Joanne Gordon Drumnahall Miss; 2nd Emma Wightman Jigsaw; 3rd Jaz Hogg Animation; 4th Marian Millar Brookfield Mystery

The Harlequin Memorial Cup Joanne Gordon Drumnahall Miss

Veteran Horse Ridden

1st Debbie Osborough Cairnside Mr Pickles; 2nd Gillian Steenson Flash Dance

Mountain & Moorland

1st S Leebody Thornbrook Lady Blue Belle; 2nd Jessica Dineley Daisy

Pony Working Hunter   Judge Violet Jackson

Performance Class

1st Katie Murdock Custard; 2nd Lauren Taylor Edentrillick Honey Bee; 3rd Niamh Martin Mix ‘n’ Match; 4th Lucy Byrne Singing Sandy; 5th Sophie Morrow Derrymattery Fudge; 6th Ralph Robinson Jackson

Pony Working Hunter 133cms Sponsored by Jamie-Leigh Reid 1st Lara Kelly Milford Spectacular; 2nd Lauren Taylor Edentrillick Honey Bee; 3rd Lucy Byrne Singing Sandy; 4th Matthew Wilcock Solar Eclipse; 5th Helena Page-Blair Miss Daisy

The Apple & Legard-Orr Cup Lara Kelly Milford Spectacular   

Pony Working Hunter 143cms 1st Lara Kelly Mystery Bo;y 2nd Phoebe Beaumont Edie; 3rd Sophie Morrow Derrymattery Fudge; 4th Emma Holmes Kate

Harry’s Tyres Cup Lara Kelly Mystery Boy

Pony Working Hunter 153cms 1st Cerys Howell Mr Murphy; 2nd Zara Wood Rathcline Supreme; 3rd Zara Gabbey Roosky Star

The Monaghan Cup Cerys Howell Mr Murphy      

Pony Working Hunter Champion Cerys Howell Mr Murphy & Norman Collum Shield   

Reserve Champion Lara Kelly Mystery Boy    

Horse Working Hunter Judge David Lyons

Performance Class      

1st Susanne Glenn Ballylimp Bob; 2nd Dorothy Gourley Guinness; 3rd Michelle McConnell Castaneis; 4th Gail McKie Greba Bugs Bunny; 5th Karen Connolly Ollie; 6th Catherine Quee Hulabaloo;           

Novice Horse Working Hunter

1st Gwen Scott Ardquin; 2nd Susanne Glenn Ballylimp Bob; 3rd Emily McGowan Suillen Dunally; 4th Stephanie Wilding Colonel Gun; 5th Margery Warnock Butterfly Charm; 6th Emily Corbett Quality

The James Burgess Cup Gwen Scott Ardquin                    

Small Horse Working Hunter

1st Zara Gabbey Roosky Star; 2nd Emma Holmes Night Night; 3rd Dorothy Gourley Guinness; 4th Emma Holmes Vincent; 5th Sarah Brashaw Moneylagen Dusty;

The Fitzgeorge Cup Zara Gabbey Roosky Star     

Open Horse Working Hunter 1st Emily McGowan EMS Richaels Pet; 2nd Rachel McNair It’s a Gem; 3rd Emily Corbett Hawaii

The Carrowdore Saddlery Cup Emily McGowan EMS Richaels Pet

Pegus Horse Feed Horse Working Hunter Champion Emily McGowan EMS Richaels Pet Also received the Harry’s Tyres Shield

Reserve Champion Zara Gabbey Roosky Star

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